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Question #2: "Can you customize a session for my group?"


spacer Sure! It all depends on your specific objectives, the number of participants, and the length of time given to the session. The result can be a two-day seminar for fifteen people, a half-day workshop to fifty people, or an hour presentation to five thousand people. Here are some examples of different seminar situations with which I've been involved:
  • A television network trying to think up new program ideas;

  • A greeting card company looking for ways to incorporate technology into their products;

  • A computer company interested in decreasing the length of time needed to complete software projects;

  • The exploration division of an oil company wanting to think of alternative ways to interpret seismic data;

  • The finance department of a beer company wishing to develop ways to serve its in-house clients more effectively;

  • A retail chain wanting to get a glimpse of what the “kitchen of the future” will look like; and,

  • A pharmaceutical company exploring the cancer market for new product opportunities.

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