Roger von Oech

Roger von Oech is an author, inventor, and speaker. His seminars and products have enriched the creativity of many millions of people around the world.

He is known for the creativity classic A Whack on the Side of the Head (translated into over 20 languages), the award-winning Ball of Whacks creativity toys, and his Innovation In Industry conferences.

He is a father (and grandfather), and lives in Woodside, California with Wendy, his wife of many years.

A Gift for Your Creative Gift!

Introducing the glorious new edition of Roger’s classic creativity work.

A Whack on the Side of the Head

352 pages. Grand Central Publishing
(Hachette Book Group).
ISBN: 9781538759417.

He Is The Author Of These Creative Classics


Roger von Oech

Roger von Oech has spent a lifetime studying the creative process. He started his company, Creative Think, in 1977, to stimulate innovation in business through seminars, conferences, consulting, and products. His ideas have stimulated the creativity of many millions of people around the world. His clients have ranged from Apple, IBM, Cartier, Nestlé, and Disney to Coca-Cola, NASA, Google, Microsoft, Sony, USA Swimming, and the US Olympic Commmittee.

He is the author of four books on creativity, and the creator of the popular Creative Whack Pack and Innovative Whack Pack card decks and iOS apps. He is also the inventor of a line of magnetic manipulative geometrical toys, the most popular of which is the Ball of Whacks: A Creativity Tool for Innovators (it consists of thirty magnetic design blocks that can be turned into a rhombic triacontahedron and many other shapes).

Prior to starting Creative Think, he was employed by IBM.

Dr. von Oech is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Ohio State where he received both the President’s Scholarship Award and the Scholar-Athlete Award. He earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University in a self-conceived interdisciplinary program in the “History of Ideas.”

He is married to Wendy, and they are the parents of two grown children, Athena and Alex, and grandparents to four amazing grandchildren!

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